The concrete structure is now complete. It looks exactly like the original design!

The next stage is to apply the external coverings to the walls and roof.

Entering the temple structure through the main portal.

The first view of the inside of the Temple is truly awe inspiring.

Light enters from all directions. How wonderful it will look when the gold glass is installed!

The very top of the Temple awaits the lantern tower.

From the person in the foreground, you can get a sense of the size of the Temple.

At the back of the Temple there is a special room for preparing offerings . . .

… and the Sangha quarters. Here we see the dining area.

Looking from the office at the back of the temple, we see the bathroom, the offering preparation room, and the interior of the Temple.

Work on the rainwater disposal system is now complete. The pipes will be concealed behind the cladding on the columns.

On the roof, the water storage tanks for the facilities and the fire fighting system.

Meanwhile, over in the residential chalet, we can see the kitchen and sitting room – already occupied by Temple workers.

Eventually this area will be transformed into a dormitory – with full bathroom and laundry facilities.