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KMC Texas

Kadampa Meditation Center Texas is located in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area.

Situated on 4 acres of land in the heart of the metroplex in Arlington, KMC Texas is easily accessible from all its surrounding cities.

Everyone is welcome into this special environment, site of the Kadampa World Peace Temple. Guests from all backgrounds visit the center to enjoy the natural beauty, find rest and refuge from the difficulties of modern busy life, and draw inspiration from spiritual friends.

KMC-TX presently has 9 residents, and there are plans to build two new resident houses on the property to accommodate new residents. There are also plans to build an accessory use building with a cafe, dining hall, art studio, and a range of accommodation options for visitors.

The Temple, currently under renovation, is open every day for prayers and personal reflection. Courses are scheduled for many weekends, and retreat programs are ongoing throughout the year.

For visitors who wish to engage in meaningful work while at the Center, many volunteer opportunities are available. Varied tasks include landscaping, painting, cooking, gardening, office work, sewing and more.

Those who wish to simply relax will enjoy the quiet meditation room, Temple shop, and quiet corners of the property.

Everyone is welcome.

Visit our website at nkt-kmc-texas.org


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